Intern Tip #2: Networking

Whether you have graduated or not from college, if you haven’t already, sign up for a profile on LinkedIn.

With the tagline “World’s Largest Professional Network”, the company lives up to that claim with 62% of its 175+ million members located outside of the U.S.

Since I started my internships in late May, I already have 9 new connections because my co-workers were able to find me on the site. Here’s how to set up your own free account:


It doesn’t need to be a work email, I’ve been using my college email address until I graduate. Along with a password, this is what you’ll use to log in.


Keep the duck face expressions in Facebook, this website is meant for connecting with co-workers and employers;  use a photo in which your face is visible and good lighting.

Personal information

I only include my phone number, however there are several options including address, IM, birthday, and marital status.


A list of past and current jobs, with tabs for dates and description of the jobs.

Skills & Expertise

This is a cloud-formatted section that is for listing skills, comparable to buzzwords. Some examples of skills include Excel, data entry, customer service, etc.


Pretty straightforward, this section includes high school and college diploma/degrees.


Do not include a foreign language that you do not have at least elementary proficiency in both read and writing, i.e. if you only took a year or so and don’t remember much, best to leave it off. You should include your native language and/or if you are bilingual, e.g. my native language is English.

I know you’re thinking, why bother with the hassle of filling out another online profile? Well, by being on LinkedIn, the website passively networks for you so that employers can see how you are connected to other professionals. This is great if you haven’t/don’t attend conferences in your field because you can reach out via the Internet through your connections.

It can be efficient as long as you keep your profile up-to-date and make an effort to connect to your co-workers, family, and friends on the site.

Reward yourself with a nap after all that data entry ^_^

The featured image is “Under your soul.” ©2011-2012 *mylittlebluesky.

One response to “Intern Tip #2: Networking

  1. Nah… I hate all these social thingies. I loathe Facebook as I have tried to delete my personal account so many times with no luck.

    These social networks never delete your information and to me is just wrong.

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