If a Corgi is willing to try, so shall I

The Spice Girls. A DJ in an inflatable octopus. Models springing forth from their advertisements.

I missed watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics while driving in almost 5 hours of traffic to a wonderful Rocky Horror production. The closing ceremony more than made up for it. I have been watching the U.S. team compete the last week or so: at my parents’ house, at a restaurant, at a hunting lodge… I admit, somewhat obsessively. I am captivated by the spirit and physical feats in each sport, particularly running and gymnastics; I am always inspired to re-focus on fitness.

I have been struggling to accept the weight I have gained the past 3 months. Since high school, excluding freshman year of college, I was at 120 pounds. Unrealistically I thought that had to be my “natural” weight, because after all, I had little to no fat and that was what healthy was really about. Right?

Wrong. I feel this video by Laci Green captures the perspective I am learning to understand and feel. Fat is not a sole indication of being healthy, nor is being thin. I realized I was feeling ashamed about gaining weight because I thought my friends and family would start thinking I was lazy. Also I was insecure that weight was a direct correlation to how pretty I could be.

Instead of focusing on losing weight, I’ll be focusing on my fitness: how I feel, what I want to do physically, and reducing stress. When you watch the Olympics, don’t feel guilty about what you can’t do. Focus on what you can do.

But what about the Corgi archer? It is a reminder to myself to not take fitness too seriously.
The featured image is “Probably not the best sport for tiny arms” ©2012 Aly Flock.

One response to “If a Corgi is willing to try, so shall I

  1. I do not watch the Olympics at all!!!

    Any weight taken right after high school is never a real weight! Bodies are still changing and growing, hormones are still raging…

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