Bring out your thread


Waiting for my lunch to finish microwaving I took a few steps in the office kitchen as I tried to shake off the black thread dangling off my right shoe. With no success, I lifted my shoe, watching the thread connect to the unraveled hem of my only pair of dress pants. Oh noes… I had four hours left to work before I could depart from the office. I came up with the idea of fastening the loose fabric with paper clips as a make-shift “hem”.

I have hemmed boxer shorts, an apron, napkins and a tablecloth before. However, the differences of hemming were the dress pants were store bought and the challenge of a narrower circumference than the legs of the boxers. I will follow-up how my hemming turns out.  Instead of sewing this evening, I decided instead to write letters and plan for the holiday weekend. On an unrelated note, if you are like me and accidentally bought a pair of flats that were too big, try foot petals. Since the “Tip Toes” were on hand at my parents’ house, I inserted them and they helped my feet from sliding around as much.

The featured image is “Sewing ©2011-2012 ~kriisy.

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