“He cut out his sleep to spite his dreams…”


For such a word with negative connotations (i.e. malice), Vandaveer performs an uptempo melody based on that word depicting the plethora of spite in a man. This is the song that stands out to me the most after seeing it performed at The Black Cat in D.C. last Friday by Mark playing the acoustic guitar, melding his voice with Rose’s harmonies. It was my favorite live performance. The lyrics felt like a vivid sunset of tenderness and I was with beloved friends.

I have cut out my sleep to spite my dreams because I did not want to free my subconscious to stretch out and explore. I try not to do it anymore because my dreams have brought me clarity and sharpened my intuition.

Take 2 minutes and 45 seconds out of your day to listen to them turn the S word into an expression of humanity’s sometimes harmful self-inflicted stubbornness.

The featured image is Dig Deep Album Cover Art ©2012 James Diotte.

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