The Phantom “Menace” iPhone Case

“The Phantom Breastplate © 2012 The Subtle Curiosity

Product specs:
  • Price » $50
  • Dimensions » 5.04 in. l x 2.76 in. w x .75 in. h (128 mm x 70 mm x 19 mm)
  • Installation » 2 pieces
  • Colors available » Navy/Aqua; Black/White; Aqua/White (featured in this post); Raspberry/Lime
  • Stick-on screen protector included

I am disappointed.

After researching several rugged cases, I bought the Phantom case by Case-Mate for my white iPhone 4 during winter break. Off the bat I did not receive the included screen protector with the case’s arrival. I called up the company and the screen protector came a day or so later. I had installed the two-piece case onto my phone, excited that my phone would be protected front-to-back. No longer would my phone slide off of tables nor would I have to worry about my phone hitting the floor. However…

Muting my phone calls

I bought the aqua Phantom. The upper portion of the plastic inner layer was blocking my phone sensor’s. I was making calls & the mute button was being activated because the sensor could not detect that the phone was against my ear. Unless the design is modified to fix this problem I would not recommend this case.

Until more than a month later was I certain that this was not a problem with my phone. Every phone call I would start talking and stop when I realized that my friends, boyfriend, or my family could not hear me. This is unacceptable for a product meant to enhance, not spoil the calling experience. Another problem is that the indigo color of jeans WILL rub off on the case. You can see it in the “greyish” discoloration around the edges of the outer case at the top.


This expensive case is not worth the price because of a faulty functional design.

The featured image is “The Phantom’s Cloak” ©2012 The Subtle Curiosity.

One response to “The Phantom “Menace” iPhone Case

  1. I have bought a deep teal/light teal OtterBox Commuter Series as a replacement and have not been muted once.

    Update (10Aug2012): The Otterbox’s plastic part began to fracture so I opted to replace it with the Agent 18 Dublin, a blue/green watercolor-themed hardened plastic case.

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