Week 8: ITD Challenge

Week 7 Stats

With a little over a week to go, I have been opportunistic during my spring break visit by going to the gym near my family. I cycled 5 miles and swam 20 lengths yesterday. Since participating in lacrosse and marching band in high school I have not felt as physically fit as I do now.

Many Doctor Who episodes later, I have finished Season 4. What draws me in each time is The Doctor’s perspective on relative morality and humanity. Unlike other aliens from shows I have watched (Torchwood, SG-1, Atlantis, BSG), The Doctor has empathy for the humanity of the characters around him, in particular by showing compassion in the most dolorous (grievous) situations. I am excited for next weekend because my boyfriend requested the theme to be Sci-Fi at our favorite nightclub to celebrate our birthdays. I plan to cosplay as Samantha Carter, searching for a pair cargo pants this week.

4 responses to “Week 8: ITD Challenge

  1. Sorry.

    But Doctor Who just kicks all science fiction TV shows arses.

    And I love (adore, force it down my Chinese students throats, bore my family (as they are the only ones who cannot hang up on me type of deal)) Stargate, Star Trek, Torchwood (although Miracle Day was fantastically brilliant!!!) and so many other scifi programs.

    But when it comes to Doctor Who… his ability to be so passionate, cold, witty, charming, and loving all in the same instant… is well… amazing. No one else so far has ever come close.

    Oh!!! And congrats on the five miles on the bike!!!!

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